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How to Make Sexy Leeloo Costume for Cosplay

2012-10-17 02:10:56 Posted by Birnice to Halloween shopping guides
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Classic character not only admired by many people for a long time and rekindled the attraction by cosplay the character. When it comes to Halloween cosplay idea and other cosplay ideas, you would always remind of cool and fantastic character keep in our mind for years: Leeloo.

Well, when most of the girls are tended to dress up as sexy cats and mice in stripper-esque lingerie, you can succumb to these sexy Halloween costume by your home-made Leeloo costume.

Since the advent 1997 movie the Fifth Element, the mean and dramatic character has entered into our mind and heart. “Bandage” and “orange suspender” seemed to be signature of Leeloo costume. A Leeloo costume always looks stunning at Comic Con, Cosplay and Halloween events because of its dramatic and beautiful attraction.

Although we are not skilled in tailoring as the talented designers in Project Runway, you also make a Leeloo costume for your cosplay by yourself today according to the following instruction. Let’s prepare the costume from head to foot.

Orange Leeloo Hair

What Leeloo costume catches your attention when you see it at first time? Exactly, it is the eye-catching orange hair. You never complete a perfect Leeloo costume without the orange wig. So what you should prepare is the wig. Cool short hair-cut makes contribution to your mysterious and gorgeous look. You may buy a pre-made wig or buy a blond real hair and dye it orange, even dye your real hair.

White Cropped Shirt

Leeloo costume needs a white cropped shirt. This is a piece of cupcake, and just pick up a simple whole white T-shirt and cut the trim as recommended look with sharp scissors. Sewing a hem would be better, if you just look for a perfect one. Usually most of people prefer to have it cropped right below the breast as Leeloo had it

Orange Suspended Pants

The trickiest part of the costume was the suspenders. The hardest part about making a Leeloo costume is finding the suspenders. This will also most likely be the most expensive part of your costume. Find a silicone belt and make a version of the pattern and mold it. Then seam it shoulder and the crotch and the hips. It ended up looking excellent.

Gold Skinny Pant

The gold leggings would be easy find in a shop. So it is a good choice to buy a gold legging but you should make sure that they are tight fitting, semi-shiny. Never find a loose gold pant to replace the tight one if you find it difficult to buy a perfect one, you just can transform the loose gold pant into tight one by tailoring.

Cool Black Ankle Boot

When you find a cool black ankle boot and you are under the way to finish Leeloo costume look. Leeloo wears black thick clunky looking boots. You should be able to find these at payless, target or perhaps in your own closet.

You may not image how charming it is when you put on this Leeloo costume.

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