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How to Troubleshoot Charger for Android Tablet

2013-03-27 03:03:53 Posted by Birnice to Android Tablet PC shopping guides
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The situation that new best Android tablet failed to charge have happened to many people. Many people have though that there is something wrong happen to the tablet. Actually, it is possible but not always the case. Usually, it is rare that the tablet you got just now is broken and it is more possible that something wrong with the charger. When you find that your tablet failed to charge and won’t turn on, although it has been charging all night, you had better troubleshoot charger and change another if necessary.     

Check Green Light

You are required to turn off the tablet before you begin to charge, and there is a green light flashing to tell you that the condition of charging. If the green light is flashing but with intermittent stopping even indicator light do not work, it means that it has connected with the power but have a bad connection between tablet and power.

Check the Port

In order to make sure whether it is has a bad connection between tablet and power, it is necessary to use the data line to connect with other Android gadget or another tablet. If you find that the charge can work for it, there may be something wrong with the tablet port. You should check the port whether is compact and tight enough. It is the most common problem when the best charger for Android tablet refuses to work.

Connect Laptop

If you have change USB and check the port are good, it is probably something wrong with the charger itself. Usually, Android tablet is allowed to access to laptop by USB and can charge for tablet at the same time. If the tablet can connect with laptop and succeed in charging, it is convenient to find that the charger has been broken and you need to change a charger for Android tablet.

Although the charger for Android 4.1 tablet is not expensive, it is not easy to find the fit one for your tablet in a shop, especially the tablet is made from unknown brand and bought from online shop. However, fortunately, most of Android tablets room online shop have guarantee and promised that it is allowed to give you a new charger for customers if you can proved that it is a true by sending the picture or send the charger to the shop.

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